Cell therapy manufacturing plays a vital role in today’s healthcare environment and Fresenius Kabi is proud to support cell therapy labs of all sizes with innovative, automated cell processing systems that support your lab’s goals.
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    Helping to transform cell and gene therapy manufacturing through thoughtful innovation.

    Fresenius Kabi is dedicated to working with cell therapy labs of all sizes and stages that help design cell processing systems to address the industry’s biggest research and manufacturing challenges, from process development to full commercialization.

    Cell Therapy Manufacturing That’s Simple Yet Scalable

    Learn more about the Lovo and Cue Cell Processing Systems that support a range of cell therapy applications.

    Selection Preparation

    Remove platelets, incubate with beads, and remove unbound beads in a single procedure for fast and automated processing.

    Culture Harvest &
    Media Exchange

    Volume-reduce or exchange media for your expanded products with high cell recoveries and washout efficiency.
    Laboratory Use Only
    The Lovo® Cell Processing System is a benchtop cell processor that automates labor-intensive tasks of washing and concentrating cell suspensions. Using spinning membrane technology, Lovo allows for non-pelletizing cell concentration and reduces the need for manual re-suspension.
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    Fresh Leukapheresis

    Remove platelets with precision and resuspend your cells in a preferred buffer or any custom manufacturing process.

    Thawed Wash &
    DMSO Removal

    Volume-reduce or exchange media for your expanded products with high cell recoveries and washout efficiency.

    DXT for use with the Lovo Cell Processing System

    The Partnership of Data and Compliance

    Electronically transfer procedure record data. Anytime, anywhere access.
    Support 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance.
    Non-editable procedure reports documenting programmed parameters, procedure results, calibration and event times (exportable to PDF or Excel).
    Information is transferred from Lovo to the DXT Data Management Software via a wired or wireless connection and can then be transferred to your external systems.

    The Lovo and Cue Cell Processing System are for laboratory use only and may not be used for direct transfusion. Appropriate regulatory clearance is required by the user for clinical use.

    Refer to the Lovo Cell Processing System Operator’s Manual, Cue Cell Processing System User’s Guide, DXT Administrator’s Guide and DXT User’s Guide for a complete list of warnings and precautions associated with the use these products.

    For additional information, please visit www.chooselovo.com or www.choosecue.com for additional information.

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